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Hello everyone!

Since I haven't written one of those in quite a while, I'd like to take the time and update how our guild has been doing.

So, first things first, let's talk a bit about our roster. Currently we are not running on any massive roster, we have about 30 people, which is more than enough to fill the raid every week, without keeping dozens of people on reserve. The raids themselves are, for the most part, very smooth, always achieving a one-day clear, even though we are also always boosting 1 or 2 people through the whole instance. Of course there are better and worse days, but overall it has been very smooth. The atmosphere in our raids is also, as it has always been, friendly and fun.

Overall, during the current trend of 10-man guilds disbanding, losing most of their core, having really bad drama, etc, Flat Earth Society has stood strong and although we too have had our ups and downs, we are very proud to have kept intact not only our core group that has been together basically since the end of T14 but also our ideals regarding how World of Warcraft raiding should be done.

To keep this short. Things are going just fine in Flat Earth and there has never been a better time for your to apply and join! 

Guild status update

Incalcando a posted Jan 27, 14
Been a while since I wrote one of those, but I think now is a good time for a little update. Basically the guild is currently maintaining a stable 25-man roster, which just killed Garrosh heroic as well. We took it slow and steady, didn't make any rushed or panicky decisions to quickly merge with some other guild and we certainly didn't push for a lot of raiding. We decided that keeping a 3-raids-per-week schedule and not pushing for Garrosh really quickly was better in the long run, after all we are going to be raiding SoO for at least 6 more months and we didn't want to have anyone burn out on too much farm raiding.

So what's next? Well, we are simply going to casually keep clearing the farm within 1 or 2 raids, and hopefully transition our alt raid from 10 to 25-man as well. Also, while starting to take shape, our roster is still missing some pieces for the WoD, which means we will be actively hunting for outstanding players till we get it to a level that we feel confident. It goes without saying that no matter what your class is, if you can prove you are truly exceptional you should apply and join!
So I am sure you have all heard the news that 20-man is going to be the only raid size for cutting edge progression. Many 10-mans are up in arms about this thing and about how hard it's going to be for us to expand. However, the entirety of the Flat Earth team is not focused in meaningless complaints, but in working hard to make the transition to a larger raid size as fast and as efficiently as possible.
This is a post to let everyone know that we are indeed going to expand and that we simply see this change as a new exciting challenge for the future and not as a boring chore we have to put up with just so we can stay competitive.

So what's our plan then? We aim to prepare a roster of around 25 players (give or take a few), well in advance of WoD release. We want to get used to raiding together as a larger group and get the general feel of larger scale group content. We will not really consider any merges of any description, we believe it's too risky of it becoming literally a business of two separate "factions" within the guild and not the unified unit we are looking for.

So what does this mean for you, who potentially is interested in joining? Well, simple. If you feel you are one of the -if not THE- best player on your team and you can back this claim up, even if you come from significantly lower ranked guilds, we are very interested in you. After all, NONE of our current players came from top 30 guilds worldwide, literally all of them came from somewhere way worse and helped us reach the point that we are now. So don't get intimidated or anything, just apply!

Another group of people that we are interested in and might hesitate to apply, is ex-hardcore raiders. Did you raid in Cataclysm or Wrath at the cutting edge and are interested to come back to the game and start raiding again? Well this will be quite the opportunity since you will have a long time to get back in the swing of things. However, substantial proof of your hardcore background will be essential.


We at Flat Earth will work really hard to build an amazing 20-man roster. This is simply another challenge for us to overcome! And we need YOU to do it so, if you think you are skilled enough, just apply!
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Garrosh down, 14/14HC

Incalcando a posted Nov 7, 13
This is it, it's over. It did take a bit more than it could have, but still we finished the tier at our best world ranking yet, that of 26. Great job to everyone involved. Special thanks to Acrylic and Logan, who showed terrific team-mindset by sitting out the end boss.

Dual PoV is here!

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Paragons down, 13/14HC

Incalcando a posted Oct 20, 13
My favorite fight of this tier so far. Thank god it wasn't random order like it was originally tested on PTR. I really enjoyed the flow of it, the fact that you have a clear indication of progression by killing one boss at a time. Obviously being able to see other guilds' videos on this encounter speeds things up by a lot, since I am sure what delayed the top guilds on it was the fact that they didn't know the optimal killing order. That being said, it did feel easier than Siegecrafter, it seemed like there was no DPS test whatsoever on it.

In any case, we improved our position in the world rankings by 6 with this kill, bringing us at number 21. Too bad we missed a spot in the frontpage by 40 minutes or so!

We are all hyped for Garrosh and will do our best to finish the tier at our best ranking ever!

(Kill video incoming soon)

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