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I'm not going to say we had a bad setup for this fight, but we had a bad setup for this fight. What is done is done, however, and we just have our sights on the next fights to come. Here the kill video!

Incalcando a Too bad you uploaded and the world will never see Incacando's clutch lay on hands and selfless healer offhealing.
Well, Tectus was definitely a weird one. Within a couple of hours of raiding we had really close wipes (and I am talking 150k on the last mote in the last phase), and then for the rest of the raid we just failed! In any case, we came back on Sunday and one-shot it.

It's time for the first progress post! On Wednesday we started early, cleared our farm then went to Mythic. Kargath and Twin Ogron died without giving us major trouble, within 3 and 10 pulls respectively.

Brackenspore, on the other hand, has clearly a lot more tightly tuned. Moreover, the length of the fight was its real challenge, as even the slightest mistake on its mechanics can cause the entire raid to wipe. However, after a good 90 pulls and two additional normal clears in between to boost some lower geared players, we managed to get a very nice kill. 

Videos should also be coming soon for all of those fights!
Stay tuned for more!
Finally, after more than a year of farming SoO and waiting for the next expansion, we get to truly test the team that we have been building ever since we killed Garrosh. We are quite pleased with our preparation and our roster and are very excited to start our progression on the Mythic content tomorrow. Here is a screenshot of (most of) our roster. Hopefully in the following days this section will be spammed with news posts, screenshots and videos of our progression kills! Good luck to everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Since I haven't written one of those in quite a while, I'd like to take the time and update how our guild has been doing.

So, first things first, let's talk a bit about our roster. Currently we are not running on any massive roster, we have about 30 people, which is more than enough to fill the raid every week, without keeping dozens of people on reserve. The raids themselves are, for the most part, very smooth, always achieving a one-day clear, even though we are also always boosting 1 or 2 people through the whole instance. Of course there are better and worse days, but overall it has been very smooth. The atmosphere in our raids is also, as it has always been, friendly and fun.

Overall, during the current trend of 10-man guilds disbanding, losing most of their core, having really bad drama, etc, Flat Earth Society has stood strong and although we too have had our ups and downs, we are very proud to have kept intact not only our core group that has been together basically since the end of T14 but also our ideals regarding how World of Warcraft raiding should be done.

To keep this short. Things are going just fine in Flat Earth and there has never been a better time for your to apply and join!