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What colour is the dress
Yo boys, GL in this lovely raid! (Armut out)
Raid at 17.00, don't forget.
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We started our new reset by going straight to Thogar, since we were having quite close attempts on Tuesday. It took a total of 56 pulls. Kromog had died before that, but I forgot to record our kill. Great job everyone.


We killed the first four bosses relatively fast, after having cleared Heroic with two groups on Wednesday. We are all excited to have gotten a much stronger start than Highmaul, however, we are aware that our toughest challenges lie ahead of us.

Edited the post for Flamebender, which took a whooping 4 pulls before it died.

Well, this was a lot later than we wanted, but Imperator was definitely the boss where we played our best so far, taking around the same amount of attempts as some of the much easier earlier fights. 

Next up of course is Blackrock Foundry, where we are going in high spirits and determined to get back to the kind of raiding this guild is used to.
This was not too hard. Quite heavy DPS check with loads of very low percentage wipe (and perhaps more derp cleave deaths than there should have been!).

And with this kill we will be going into our Christmas vacation, which will last for about 5 days. But after that it's Imperator time! Stay tuned!
I'm not going to say we had a bad setup for this fight, but we had a bad setup for this fight. What is done is done, however, and we just have our sights on the next fights to come. Here the kill video!

Incalcando a Too bad you uploaded and the world will never see Incacando's clutch lay on hands and selfless healer offhealing.